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Date: 08/07/2013

pest control manchester

nest control Manchester can cater  for all your pest control needs small or little commercial industrial or domestic, from rodents to insects and birds, we have over 23yrs experience in the pest control industry which in the many years of treating various pests have built up a very comprehensive understanding of how pests act in different environments. From bed bugs in hotels and hostels to bed bugs in domestic dwellings all requiring different approaches to dealing with the bed bug infestation at hand, extreme treatments are required when properties are multi occupied and the bed bugs have spread to all rooms, by this stage the number of bed bugs would of reached very high levels probably in excess of 200 adult bed bugs and eggs waiting to hatch out, in circumstances where bed linen is not routinely changed and conditions are poor.

The wasp nest removal season will soon be upon us usually coming into full mode in July, august and September wasps at this time of year are very active, when outside in the garden wasps are a pest when you are having a barbecue as they are looking for food and will not sting you if you leave them to go about there business.

Pest control Manchester would be pleased to quote for any pest control problems that you may have please call us on 0161 448 1782 for a free quote and survey.

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