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Date: 28/07/2013


 Wasps go through 4 stages in the development of there life cycle and start off as the egg then the larvae then to pupae and finally to adult metamorphose. the beginning of the process starts in early spring when a queen will come out of hibernation and  old nests from the year before will never be used the queen will find a dry suitable site to start her nest off sometimes queens from the same nest from the year prior may build nests very close together they will start by collecting wood which they will chew with their saliva and mould into a paper mache nest the first wasp will emerge are sterile female workers they are then left to take over the building of the nest whilst the queen lays more eggs they will also tend to the grubs and bring insects back in which to feed those in the nest they do this by sting the insect once in the nest they chew therm up and masticate them so the grubs can digest them the grubs then start to excrete a sugary substances that the workers feed on, for months the queen will keep laying eggs and expanding the nest they can become very large and contain up to twenty thousand wasps.

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