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Date: 22/07/2013

pest control manchester (rodent removal)

pest control in Manchester as noticed a steady increase in the rodent population over the last decade, with them becoming more and more bolder in there daily activity, they can be openly seen on industrial estates and leisure park areas to scavenging for food and not running off at the sight of human beings, because they are now feeding openly in the day as opposed to only feeding under the cover of dark , there numbers have greatly increased because they have a greater access to food there fore helping them to breed more because they know they have good food sources more litters then go on to the adult stage and start to breed them selves, it does not take long for large numbers of rats to take over areas if left alone therefore it is wise to have pest control service contracts in place in order to keep the population down at manageable levels,there are many forms in which to do this either by poison or live catch traps also by snapper traps inside bait stations so third parties not targeted wont be harmed, this should be a periodic treatment in place for the control of rats ideally every six weeks however in extreme cases this may require weekly treatments infestation is under control.

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